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A mindful, deliberate approach to guitar & bass

what is nvm?

New Verse Method

IN-DEPTH, Structured lessons WITH a focus on practice technique

Positive, proven, and suitable for all skill levels

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No shortcuts or magic bullets, just the truth

There's an endless sea of “how to” videos out there, promising to turn you into a great musician with minimal time and effort. But the stubborn fact is, becoming a better musician is hard work... And that’s exactly why it’s worth doing.

Deliberate Practice

Push past sticking points

Fretboard Theory

Understand your instrument


Play without boundaries

what is new verse method?

A comprehensive approach that will strengthen every aspect of your musicianship

Developed over Cameron Jones’ 20+ years of teaching, NVM offers the most in-depth guitar & bass instruction on the web.

what students are saying

Excellent instructor with a deep knowledge of music and a very positive teaching method.

Mark R., Battle Ground, WA

I am a Bass Player for 15+ years... Staying consistent and pro-active, I have felt and noticed a discernible difference in my bass playing.

Joselito C., Portland, OR

I've learned a lot from Cameron, and my guitar playing has improved immensely as a result of working with him. Highly recommended!

Ben W., Portland OR

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, quite a lot, actually! But in broad terms, NVM provides two things that are missing from other sites:

  • Practice technique - The most important thing for any musician to learn is how to practice effectively.
  • Structure - Most people need a coherent plan to make steady progress, not just a bunch of unrelated tutorials.

A lesson covers one particular exercise or concept (e.g., strumming, paperclips, major scales) and consists of one or two videos + supplemental materials.

Courses are groups of lessons organized around a common theme (e.g., practice technique, bass guitar technique, fretboard theory).

Yes! NVM is all about meeting you where you are, and is just as effective for total beginners as it is for experienced players.

Riffs are made available after you've made your first purchase. Once you've made a purchase, you'll have free access to all our riffs as long as you're signed in to your account.

They're coming! NVM is essentially a one-man operation, and each lesson requires quite a bit of time and effort to put together. Your patience is appreciated.

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To access your lessons, create an account and sign in (make sure to use the same email address you entered when you made your purchase). All of your purchased lessons will be available on your account page.

All types! Good practice technique, a thorough understanding of the fretboard, and proper playing technique are all essential, whether you're playing classic rock, blues, pop, indie, metal, classical, or anything else.

Yes! But please be warned that his availability is quite limited. For more info on private lessons, visit