New Verse Method


Cameron Jones

Cameron operates New Verse Guitar & Bass Studio in Portland, OR, where he’s been helping students realize their potential for over 20 years. His unique insight into the learning process has made him one of the country’s most sought-after instructors.

In 2021, with a full student roster and growing waitlist, Cameron decided he needed to find a way to reach more students than the one-on-one format would allow. Two years later, NewVerseMethod.com was launched.

Meet Cameron

Our mission

To provide you access to the same innovative system that has proven so effective for Cameron’s private students.

There are two essential things missing from most frustrated musicians’ lives:

Practice Technique

Without good practice technique, you will struggle, no matter what other advantages you enjoy. This is why we put practice technique front and center in everything we do.


Without structure, you’re doomed to drift from song to song, video to video, never assembling a coherent practice strategy. NVM offers a well-thought out, structured approach for growing your musicianship long term.

How it Works


Each lesson covers one exercise or concept (e.g., strumming, paperclips, or major scales).

All lessons consist of at least one in-depth teaching video plus written supplementary materials, and can be accessed through your NVM account. Many lessons also include demo videos of Cameron working through the relevant exercise or concept.


Courses are groups of lessons organized around a common theme (e.g., practice technique, bass guitar technique, fretboard theory).


Song tutorials give you a chance to apply the techniques you've learned in our technique and theory lessons, and are available for free.

Sheet music, in both tablature and standard notation, can be purchased for some songs.

Where to Start

Not sure where to start? Here are some recommendations, based on current skill level and goals:

Fundamentals series in the following order: Technique Fundamentals, Practice Fundamentals, Theory Fundamentals

Fundamentals series in order of interest

Individual lessons within the Fundamentals series

Creative Fundamentals

Practice Fundamentals, Technique Fundamentals

Theory Fundamentals, Practice Fundamentals

Individual technique lessons